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Content Arbitrator suit Facebook, Jobs gave her PSD

Content Arbitrator suit Facebook, Jobs gave her PSD

According to legal claims, Lady sued Facebook that a woman in California "was very dangerous, dangerous, and harmed" on Friday that a large number of substance intermediaries were exposed to "very toxic" substances as the main aspect of her job did. Substances while working as a substance mediator on Facebook. "

Selena Scola was a substance arbitrator at Menlo Park Base Camp in California from June 2017 to March of this year. She has worked for a contract employee named, through which you can clear content that ignores community standards. There are about 7,500 substance intermediaries around the world.

Erasing disgusting discourse, photorealistic cruelty and self-damaging photos and videos, nudity and sexuality, and many other substances that abuse its placement.

According to Scola's legal adviser, she created terrible pressure issues due to "a steady, unmitigated presentation of a picture that is very harmful and highly stimulating in the working environment", and Facebook has no legitimate psychological wellness management and has no settings for substance brokers. Claim there is no. . The lawsuit was recorded as a legal claim, but now Scola is the main unpleasant party. This claim refers to the potential class of "thousands" of current and former mediators in California.

This claim does not contain specific insights into Scola's current activities and relies on news investigations into content control capabilities. Scola's legal counsel revealed on the motherboard a legitimate procedure that he will explain in detail. "This protest excludes these [specifics] in light of the fact that Scola uses fearful counterfeit revelations and Facebook fears to counterattack her." We devote ourselves to deciding whether certain types of substances will ignore Facebook's Byzantine and constantly evolving rules. Facebook prides itself on its accuracy, and Facebook's mediator's ability to work with more than 2 billion customers is calling for millions of posts to be examined every day.

One balanced source says on the motherboard, "We won't be kicked out for realistic records. We simply don't show realistic records. We need to watch again, almost, often and often for certain approaches." "Someone could be severely beaten graphically from video, and in some cases you have to watch 12 times with others, and whether the casualties' activities consider whether to consider self-protection, or the attackers were not surprised at all by this source." "It is what some collaborators and former colleagues are talking about," he said.

Another balance source on Facebook said on the motherboard, "I'm not surprised."

"Facebook claims that material arbitrators cannot adequately prepare or realize their well-being norms." Scola's PTSD side effects can be activated when you come into contact with a PC mouse, enter a chilly building, watch cruelty on TV, and hear loud noises. It's possible. "

A Facebook representative said on the motherboard, "We are currently investigating this incident."

"We think this can be a hassle often. It's natural to get help from a material mediator, ensuring that this is just the preparation, the benefits they get, and the ability to provide mental help to each individual viewing Facebook content. Wellness Assets" "Facebook representatives take this in-house, and similarly, organizations that collaborate to investigate content can provide assets and mental help, including a variety of well-being assets, such as perimeter guidance (accessible in the area where the victim's party worked) and release areas," he said. We ask you to provide. Number of our larger offices "

"This activity is not openly for everyone, and we are aware of it," said Brian Dogan, head of the worldwide network preparation team on Facebook. He said the new contract was realistically presented in a realistic way, "We are not just profoundly revealing you, but we are discussing what it is and what we will see."

Said in every office there is room for workers to remove stretch.

"What I am grateful for is to approach the guide at any time in this profession and approach discussions with others," he said. "There are real physical situations you can go to. If you just need some kind of chillix, you need to go to play, or you just have to leave, you know." Emotionally supportive network with no opinions from others Is very lively and can be predicted in all cases. "

Facebook manager Caroline Glenville says that in June, all office and contract workers responsible for content management on the motherboard provide psychological wellness management, but as the organization embraces, the type of management provided by the organization is culture-controlled. It was different depending on the case. "[In some countries] it's good to simply walk to the advisor through the lobby, and in other societies I don't really care, I don't do that, I'm going to do it overtime. She won't think about it.

The claims of the court require Facebook to create a medicinal observation project supported by Facebook to encourage class decisions and aquatic treatment for plaintiffs and mental injuries, including but not limited to. "

Next, a judge in California chooses whether there is enough legitimacy to proceed with the case.

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